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Craft Beer Glasses

Craft beer is all about quality over quantity – so getting a craft beer glass that’ll bring your premium pints to life is essential. For hoppy, malty beers, tulip glasses are a must, giving your drinkers a wide bowl for swirling – essential for unlocking those hidden notes - and a tapered rim to trap those bold aromas, packing each sip with flavour. For stronger tipples where a pint may be a bit too much, a schooner glass is brilliant, concentrating bold beers’ aromas as well as a tulip glass - while putting an elegant spin on high proof ales. And for the king of craft, the IPA, you’ll need a tailor-made glass. An IPA glass is the receptacle of choice here, guaranteed to bring out the best in whatever you’re serving up. Raise a glass to premium beer with Finesse Direct’s craft beer glasses.

Looking for standard pint glasses? We have those too.

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